Since 2001, members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) have had loads of fun, made lots of friends, and developed into the sport's future leaders. They have the opportunity to benefit from college scholarships, youth awards and incentives, guidance from top NRHA Professionals, all while making life-long friendships and having a whole lot of fun along the way!

The NRHyA offers a number of different programs designed to showcase our most valuable asset - young riders - and reward them for all of their hard work!

Varsity Reining Program

NRHA is very proud of its Team Tournament Program that offers over $25,200 in scholarship funds and other prizes. The Team Tournament is now held in conjunction with the 14 Regional Affiliate Championship shows.

A pewter trophy is presented to all youth competitors who accumulate 50 points in approved NRHA youth classes. Additional awards are given for their outstanding achievement at 200, 400, 600, and 800 points. A buckle is also awarded at 800 points. Awards are also presented at the 1,000 and 1,500 point levels.

NRHA honors World Champions each year in the 13 & Under and 14-18 youth divisions. Each World Champion receives:
  • NRHA Lawson bronze trophy
  • Top ten leather jacket
  • Montana Silver Smiths custom belt buckle
  • Trophy Saddle
Reserve World Champions receives:
  • NRHA Morrison bronze trophy
  • Top ten leather jacket
  • Montana Silversmiths custom belt buckle
Top ten places third through tenth place youth receive:
  • NRHA pewter trophies
  • Top ten leather jackets
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