Become a Delegate!

Regional Delegates have a super important job, and it is easy to fit into your school and show schedule! Elections will be held at the Youth meeting at your Affiliate Regional Championship!
  1. 2 from each region
  2. Work with NRHyA Officers to share information about what’s going on in NRHyA.
  3. Looks great on scholarship, college and job applications! 4. Fun activities at NRHA major events 5. You can make a difference in NRHyA and the sport of reining! 6. Think ahead: Don’t wait until it is too late to hold a delegate position, especially if you think you may want to be a NRHyA Officer one day! You must be a delegate for one year to be eligible to run for an officer position.
Become an NRHyA Officer!

What do you do as an NRHyA Officer? 1. Advocate for the NRHyA, represent the sport of reining at different events around the country. 2. Promote NRHyA as being a global association 3. Travel around the country representing NRHA & NRHyA a. All major NRHA shows and horse industry conferences b. All travel to events paid for by NRHA! 4. Looks awesome on scholarship, college and job applications. ***Deadline to notify the NRHA office about NRHyA Officer position candidacy is October 31, 2019.


Article IV. Election of Officers
Section 2. Officer Elections: NRHyA Officer team members must have served as a Regional Delegate or Officer at least one year before running for association office. All candidates must meet the minimum officer/delegate eligibility requirements set forth yearly by the NRHyA Officer team and approved by the NRHA Youth Committee.

Additionally, all candidates must be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age and no older than eighteen (18) years of age on January 1 of the year they are elected to serve. Youth members will vote for Officers through the ballot process. The election of officers shall be held at a general membership meeting of the Association at the time and place designated by the NRHA Executive Committee Directors.

Any youth wishing to serve as President or Vice President must have served a minimum of one year on the NRHyA Association Officer team prior to being elected President or Vice President.

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