Welcome to the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) and the National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA)! NRHA is the official Western Sponsor of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA). As part of this sponsorship, NRHA is providing current IEA members with a complimentary NRHA Associate membership. This membership will allow you the opportunity to connect with local NRHA Affiliates, compete in Entry Level Reining, win cool prizes and participate in NRHyA activities like the Varsity Reining Club (VRC). Here you can access information about your NRHA membership and all the amenities you can take advantage of with your Associate membership.

Get Involved, Start Showing!
NRHA has over 100 affiliates worldwide who host over 800 shows each year, and these NRHA Affiliates can be found right in your very own country, state or region. NRHA Affiliates serve as your local connection to NRHA with their own clubs, scheduled shows, clinics and programs. NRHA Affiliates are incorporating more Entry Level shows each month for riders just like you!

Find a list of NRHA Affiliates in your area.

Learn more about Entry Level Reining.

More than $40,000 in scholarships awarded each year!
Your Associate membership can be easily upgraded to make you eligible for more than $40,000 in scholarships through NRHyA. If you desire to upgrade to a general NRHA Youth membership (for only $15) you will be able to compete in all NRHA shows and youth classes. Your opportunities to earn scholarships and prizes increase dramatically if you attend the IEA Western National Finals!

NRHyA also hosts contests for Youth members giving those without horse the opportunity to win prizes and recognition. Click on the following links to get information about the Art & Photo Contest and the NRHyA Speaking Contest held during the IEA Western National Finals.

By participating in the Varsity Reining Club, you can be a part of the reining community and earn prizes and scholarships year-round without ever entering a reining class. Start today and be awarded for the activities and hard work you are already doing outside of the show arena.
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For more information on the NRHyA, email youth@nrha.com